Snatch It Back And Hold It

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‘Snatch It Back And Hold It’ – Pastel painting – 18.5 x 26.4in / 47 x 67cm (framed: 25.5 x 33in / 64 x 84cm).

I always use song titles for my paintings and this one is no exception. This painting is the companion of my other painting ‘Sweet Thing’. Both girls had a piece of chewing gum which absolutely fascinated me. Where did that come from? We were in the middle of Zambia, dirt roads, mud and straw houses and other than that… nothing but lots of nature and wildlife.

The title refers to both the chewing gum and the scowling baby boy. He soooo didn’t want to be confined in his movements. The only African baby I have ever seen who had not quietly surrendered to his baby fate.


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