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Pride – Pastel – 29 x 30.5 inch

It is pitch black and the blackness is full of rich sounds and smells. You hired a spotter and the village chief to be your guide and drive your vehicle. In the knee-high grass you can make out a form and it appears to be a dead lioness. Then her whiskers twitch. You can smell large cats and know that she is not alone.

The chief slowly drives through the high grass while the spotter is spotting feverishly. The chief stops the open jeep. Switches off the engine. Listening. Straining eyes and ears and nose in the dark. Then the spotter wildly turns his spotlight to a point three feet away from your knee and you look straight into the lounging lion’s eyes.

If you would stretch out your hand you could have rested it on the old lion’s head.

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Original Painting, Limited Edition Canvas Giclee, Limited Edition A4, Limited Edition A3, Limited Edition A2