Highway Star – Acrylic – 12 x 16 inch

We are high in the Rocky Mountains. After a long, hot and dusty day of solid, hard riding from Dallas, Texas, we found the perfect biker motel. All the bikes are lined up and safe in front of the units, the location is quiet and remote with stunning mountain vistas. The thin mountain air is fresh and clean. Tumbleweeds are rolling across the rocky outcrop surrounding the motel. Rock music is drifting from several of our units, mingling its riffs and vocals with ours.

Some of us had to go quite a ways to source cold beers for the troops but made it back with plenty (the complete stock of the only place in a 150-mile radius, not that it was that much…). We are joking around, checking the condition of the bikes, telling tales, laughing, exclaiming and reminiscing while recounting the particulars of the day’s ride.

Cold beer in hand, bikes and friends reflecting in his sunglasses, he smiles his Mona Lisa smile. And that smile, ladies and gentlemen, says it all.